I offer 3 kinds of services:

  1. Basic Cafe Services
  2. Party Serice
  3. Advanced Astrological Services

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Before I start, be advised that you shouldn't make money an obstacle. If money is the problem we will work out a deal. One of the reasons I don't do this full time, is that I want to take the money motivation factor out of the equation so I can give people the genuine service they deserve. If you look at astrologers who has a whole building to conduct their services, you know they have a load of bills to pay each month just to break even, so don't tell me they are NOT money motivated and will not rip you off the moment you walk in to their door. I'm sure there are some good astrolgers outhere who don't belong to this category, but the bitter truth is that most of so called astrolgers do!



Basic Café Services

  1. Basic Astrology Chart Reading $20
    In this informative 20-30-minute session, I will explore with you the factors that shapes your personality, your values, your communication style, your emotional makeup, your capacity for creativity, your potential for relationships and career, your health, your spiritual development, as well as brief forecast for the upcoming few months /year.
  2. Basic Tarot Reading $15
    If you have a question in your mind that you need an answer for, if something or someone is being little mysterious and you can’t figure them out, usually the tarot answers your question cut and dry even if it is something that you don’t want to hear; no huss no fuss! The session runs for around 15-20 minutes.
  3. Basic Astrology Chart & Tarot Reading $30
    This is basically a combination of the last two services that I offer for the best value of your time and money. The session runs for around half an hour.

    Party Services $250 & up

    If you need an astrologer / Tarot reader for your party, contact me; let me know the nature of your party and what you expect from me and I will either accommodate it or refer you to the right person.


    Advanced Astrological Services

    1. Comprehensive Astrological Chart, Natal Report with Palm Reading and Tarot Reading based on your chart - $125 (the best price in the market)
      In this informative 60-90-minute session, I will explore with you the factors that make you unique. You will get an in-depth look at your personality, your values, your communication style, your emotional makeup, your capacity for creativity, your potential for relationships and career, your health, your spiritual development, and much, much more. There will be plenty of time for questions and answers, and you will come away with specific suggestions for enriching your life, as well as a deeper understanding of who you really are. You will also get a 30+ page Natal Report and Birth chart analysis, Palm Reading based on your chart. This combination is priceless. It shows all your strengths and weakness. I also give you the Kabalistic interpretation and how to use it to improve certain areas in your life. You will see in the matter of months and sometimes weeks, how your life will improve.
    2. Solar Return; The Year Ahead Of You (Yearly Transits and Progressions) - $85
      The Solar Return session is about 60-90 minutes long; it includes a general overview of the biggest changes and strongest dynamics at work for you, as well as lots of detail about the best ways you can enhance your happiness and satisfaction. I will review with you the trends that may bring problems and special opportunities during the year ahead, and will highlight specific times that accent your potential for personal and spiritual growth. You will also get a 25+ Page Forecasting report for the year ahead.
    3. Compatibility and Relationship Dynamics - $100
      No matter what kind of relationship you're involved in –personal, professional, friendship, business partnership, or marriage – this session will help you uncover potential problems and develop creative solutions that will bring you greater harmony, happiness, and sharing. An advance understanding of key personal differences can get a new relationship off to a better start; new perspectives can add strength to an existing relationship. This is a session that both of you can enjoy together, or it can be used by one individual to explore the promises and pitfalls of a prospective or existing relationship. The session runs for around 2 hours and you will get a 25+ printed report.
    4. Relocation Analysis and your Astro Carto-Graphy Map - $100
      Thinking about moving to a new location? Looking for a spot where you can be more successful in your career, more fulfilled in your creative expression, or more satisfied in your relationship? Before you plan your next move, you caertainly should look at your Astro Carto-Graphy map. The location where you are in the world plays a bigger role than you think in your life. Astro carto-Graphy combined with Practical Spiritual Astrology offers some specialized tools to help you pick the spot that's best for you! I help you find your personal power points around the world, and explore the pros and cons of the particular places you're considering for relocation or travel. The session runs for like an hour and you will be given a report as well as your Astro Carto-graphy Map like the one you see below.

    5. Those of you who are not familiar with Astro Carto-Graphy; Astrocartography (called "Astrogeography" in Europe in earlier years) is one of several methods of Locational Astrology, which purports to identify varying life conditions through differences in location. Developed and popularized by American astrologer Jim Lewis (1941-1995). It’s very interesting because if you start looking at people’s charts, you see it manifest all the time. If you look at John F. Kennedy’s map, you see that Pluto (planet of death & underworld) runs through Dallas; where he was killed. One of my clients her Venus (planet of love) line runs trough Kansas City, Missouri; and that’s where her husband grew up. When Christopher Reeve (the famous Super Man actor) had his accident, he was right on his Mars line. I think this map is a necessity for anyone; I personally look at my personal Astro Carto-graphy map before I travel anywhere.

    6. Personal Numerology Report - $65
      Personal Numerology delineates the numbers found in the name and birthdate. It casts light on a person's destiny, major tasks, talents, skills and life cycles in a way that shows the whole sweep of a lifetime in a few pages. At the end, there's a close-up view of the year, month and day numbers for any two-year period that you specify. The session runs for like an hour and you get a 15 Page report.
    7. Mayan Life Path Astrology Report - $75
      Long before Europeans came to Mexico and Central America, the native Olmec, Toltec, Maya, Zapotec and Aztec peoples developed a remarkable sacred calendar which was used as a cosmic-historical grid that both established and interpreted the passing of time. Intrigued by this unique form of New World astrology, author and astrologer Bruce Scofield spent several decades reconstructing it through the best scholarly sources to arrive at an understanding of how the ancient symbols might apply to modern lives. Find out about your character and destiny in the light of five important Maya/Aztec cycles: your Day-Sign, your Day Number, your Year Cycle, your Night Lord, and your Venus Phase. Combining these five cycles gives an astonishingly rounded picture of your personality and capabilities. In addition, the report lists your peak dates for whatever five-year period you specify. These are crucial times when your life tends to speed up and become more vivid, eventful, and even fateful. Prints out to about 15 pages and the session runs for around 45 minutes.
    8. Palm Reading - $25
      This is a very simple palm reading that will help you to understand your personality and how to improve your body language to show positive vibes. The session runs for 15-20 minutes.
    9. Meditation $25 and up
      In very rare cases I do meditations for people if they really need it or if they don't know how to get started. Due to my tight time schedule, I don't offer this service that often. But if you don't know how to meditate or if you need certain meditation to release blocks in your life or to attract certain energies I can help depending on the situation.

      If you have any questions about services provided, please don't hesitate to click on the Contact tab and email me. If money is a problem for you, let me know so we can work something out. Don't let money stand in your way to progress. After all, I'm here to help.