About me?
I come from a very Christian family where words like Astrology, Kabbalah or Palmistry were a taboo. My mother tried to keep all these things out of our lives and we were taught that none of these things exist. But growing up in a mystical culuture like Egypt, it was an impossibilty to grow up not dealing with such facts. My dream was to do something to help people on personal level, specially in today's culture where social and personal relationships seems scattered than ever, so a series of coincidences just led me here without even trying, I can just call it serendipity (More on that later).

Please keep in mind that I’m not a Psychic, I can not predict your future. I’m just an astrologer and palm reader. The readings I give you are based on the information you give me about your birth and what I read in your palm. Also, the result of any meditation or Reiki Healing or any service that I provide is based on your response and your energy level. I can't guarantee any results, but I promise to do my best.